Dropshipping with AliExpress

by Ennajari • June 25, 2020 • No Comments

AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress has gotten a lot of popularity in Dropshipping in the few last years; dropshippers all over the world got the chance to dropshipp from China without the need to pay, and that was their key to success in the dropshipping world

On this post we are going to answer the question “HOW TO DROPSHIP FROM ALIEXPRESS?” and try to explain it step by step

What is aliexpress?

Let’s start from the very beginning with the Chinese billionaire Jack MA who made this Asian version of Amazon AliBaba that has started in 1999

The whole idea came from Jack Ma’s difficulty in finding Chinese products online; as a result he made his platform to connect the Western consumers with the Chinese and Asian sellers and that was like a revolution in the Ecommerce around the world

AliBaba is made for the wholesale purchases for sellers who have minimum bulk order requirements, so he has to make a platform for small retailers just like Amazon, but cheaper

So instead of buying directly from the manufacture, the sellers actually buying from them and resale to consumers

This platform we are talking about is AliExpress

Is aliexpress legit?

The answer for this question is YES! AliExpress is legit and safe, but as all the other online markets the reviews on sallers will help you more in choosing a credible seller 

What is dropshipping and how does it work


Dropshipping is when a customer buys from your site then you order the product from your Chinese supplier who ship the product to your costumer


How to dropship with aliexpress?

The first thing, you need to have a store or a place where you can sell your goods for example, Ebay or Amazon

When your costumers make a purchase, you order from your seller on AliExpress who will ship the goods to your costumers and keep your profit margin

Once your costumer gets his order, they believe it’s from you without knowing it’s a dropshipping

AliExpress shipping time

On the product page, all items have an estimated shipping time. Usually the shipping tiùme take between 20 to 60 days 

it’s a bad thing to wait for two months but you need to be pacient to buy directly from China.

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