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1 – Sell the Trend:

It’s a new dropshipping product research tool . it contain so many different tools that will blow your mind

For example , “The Nexus”  it’s one of the product research tools they got inside , it will help you to get inspired on like, what kind of products to sell , Facebook ads examples and Shopify dropshipping store examples

The Price of Sell the Trend is 39$/month , you will get 2 months for free if you pay yearly , also offer 7-day free trial for people who don’t want to risk money yet!

2 – Thieve.co

On thieve.co they will show you what’s trending on AliExpress and inspire you for your product research

You can find a free version available and also a dropshipping version called “Thieve Supply”

The website contains a feature that helps to sort the products by a lot of different things like

  • Category
  • Sales
  • Products in trending , and so on

The free version is free, and the dropshipping version (Thieve Supply) is currently 5$/month with an early access discount (otherwise it’s 29$/month with no free trial offers)

3 – AliExpress Dropshipping center:

This one is free, u can Enable it on your AliExpress account to help you to get some basic product research options!

4 – Dropshiping Spy

On Dropship Spy they currently have 10 different tools in one subscription and they add daily a few new winning products, mostly they add 5 new products each day

The Current Price of Dropship Spy is 20$/month , they changed the pricing plan from 3    to only 1 (no free trial offers)


Intelligynce is a strong spy tool that allows you to spy on over thousends of stors in Shopify sand over two millions of products 

It helps you to find the hotest products and the most demended too.

5 – Ecomhunt

This tool is very popular product search tool and it’s so similar to Dropship Spy, they add a certain amount of new winning products everyday with a lot of information like  suggested selling price , video ad and targeting (for pro members)

If you are a beginner in Dropshipping, Ecomhunt is the best research tool for you

They help you a lot of information about the product you want to sell

The current price is 20$/month, they offer a free account with some limited features

6 – AliShark :

AliShark is made by the creators of the popular countdown Shopify app Hurrify!

It’s a great tool for people who wants  a lot of filter options when searching on products on AliExpress or Banggood  where you can search by a Keyword or exclude a Keyword

The current price is 20$/month (they offer 2-day trial for only 1$) , unfortunately there’s no option to pay yearly

7 – Niche Scraper :

It’s a similar tool to Sell the Trend with some differences

  • They got a section for Hand-picked products (Sell the trend got Nexus which combined the hottest popular products)
  • Niche Scraper got only 4 search tools so if u need more tools you better use Sell The Trend
  • The Design and the data given is different

The current price is 39/month and they offer a trial account that gives you access to a few free searches in each category

8 – FindNiche:

This dropshipping tool will help you with a lot of information like

  • Big Data
  • Fast daily update
  • Powerful filtering
  • Smart picking

You will get inspiration for your niche, products to sell and your Shopify store also

FindNiche is free to use for now , all u need to do is to invite a few people to get the Pro plan instead of paying 99$

9 – ShopInspect :

This tool will help you a lot with their “Hot trending Products”, but they provide less information per product than other dropshipping tools like EcomHunt

The price for ShopInspect is 47$ per month per month or 19$ per month if you pay yeartly

They have a free account option with a few free searches.

10 – Asify

Asify is a Chrome extension that you can download for free

It looks like AliExpress Dropshipping center , it will add a lot of stuff for you to AliExpress

The difference is that Asify will get you a lot of extra information on the AliExoress product page itself

Aberlo Chrome extension

Aberlo Chrome extension is a free tool made by Chrome that helps, and simplify the process of importing products and processing orders if you dropship from AliExpress.


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