Top niches 2020

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Top Niches 2020 

Before we start deciding which niche is the best, we must know first:

  • Where to find niche and products ideas?
  • Best niches for dropping
  • Products to stay away from

Where to find niche and products ideas?

When you are ready to make your own store and it’s time to decide what niche you going to work on

And what product to sell, you will need to:

  1. Let your passion guide you to your niche because,
  • You know too much about your passion
  • You know what people love about your passion and what they would like to buy
  • You know exactly your target when it comes to ads
  1. Choose niche that most of people you know are passionate about:
  • You can ask people you know about things they would like to have based on their passion
  • You can browse online and see what other people want to see in markets (you can find on discussion forums )
  1. Google Trends :
  • Google Trends is a searching tool made by Google that helps sellers to see how consumers reacting with a specific product
  • It won’t lead you to winning products , but it will give you an idea if you have to sell a product or not
  1. Blogs and magazines :

This the best way to stay in touch with trend of your niche

  • Blogs : the bloggers always talk with the tone of their audience , it helps to know more about your consumers behavior and help you to learn on how to respond to their needs
  • Magazines : on every magazine you will find the trend of every niche(for example : if your niche is fashion or jewelry you can find information on VOGUE magazine
  1. Influencers:
  • They have a power on their audience and a presence in every social media platform
  • They always give advices and recommend products and you may collab with them to promote your product

Best Niches For Dropshipping 

In this part we going to mention some niches and their products that has sold over one thousand order on AliExpress

  1. NICHE : outdoor recreation

Niche Products 2019

  • Fishing lures: this product belongs to the fishing passion and it made five thousand orders on AliExpress
  • Hammocks: for people who likes to chill outdoor , this product made over four thousand order
  • Hiking Boots: it’s a very basic necessity for outdoor activities and long walks, this product made 3000 orders on AliExpress
  1. NICHE : Pet Supplies

Most of people they have pets because the majority of people  are passionate by animals , so let’s talk about some products of this niche that has a very stable graphic on Google Trends over time

Niche Products 2019

  1. Running faucets: this sounds weird, but some pets prefer to drink from running faucets only
  1. De-shedder brush :brushing cats take up time and effort , but using a de-shedder is not exhausting and most of pet’s owners will love to have one as their pets too
  1. Plush beds for pets : people want their animals to be comfortable and the best way that could make a pet comfortable is by buying a plush bed to sleep at night far of the cold, hard floor
  1. Niche :Swimwear

 On this niche the trends change, and here where the time for magazines, influencers and blogs comes to stay in touch with the trend

Niches Products 2019

  • Bikinis : there’s a wide range of bikinis, some of them c an make over  1000 orders
  • Beach accessories : you can’t go to the beach without a behemoth towel for you and your friends , there’s a waterproof type
  • Pair of sunglasses : nothing could make you look perfect with the bikini and the beach accessories then a pair of shades , they made 10 000 orders
  1. Niche : custom jewelry

You can find some great expensive-looking of jewelries online like gold earrings, rings and necklaces and they look exactly the same as what celebrities wearing on Instagram

 Products to stay away from


You can find billions of products and categories online but it doesn’t mean they are all winning products or your customers want to buy for example

  • Trademarked items :don’t sell any product associated with a known brand for example, Nike or Marvel or any recognizable singe (you can sell trademarked items only if you are licensed)
  • High-ticket products: do NEVER sell an expensive item that will make 3 to 4 sales/month , the number of sales won’t motivate you to keep and even the targeted buyers are so limited
  • Commodities: don’t sell something that your customers are able to buy on the physical stores on the street , your products must be unique with a unique selling point

What Products are Trending in 2019


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